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Conquering the Pirate Island


Conquering the Pirate Island is a strategy game of soldiers against pirates.In this game, the player controls the two soldiers who have to kill all pirates living in each Pirate Island.
To do this, the player chooses the angle and the power of the shot of the cannon soldiers and then you should press the fire button . Remember that there is a time and if it runs out, you lose your turn.
✚ Types of projectiles :There are 3 types of projectiles: the cannonball , the bomb and the missile . The bomb will explode after a few seconds after launch.
✚ Objective of the game: To win the game you have to eliminate all the pirates of all the islands of the map.
✚ Configure your own pirate island: You can create your own pirate island. More fun !
The game Conquering the Pirate Island has been designed for children and for adults, offering high playability with touches of strategy.
✪ Great graphics and images✪ A good soundtrack✪ Funny special efects✪ A lot of hours gaming✪ A main game and 4 mini games
This game promises hours of guaranteed fun.
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